Transition FAQ
Check out our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions we've gotten on the transition process from Classic to Clover Sites. 

How is Clover Sites different than Clover Sites Classic?

Clover Sites isn't an upgrade from Classic - it's a completely new product, built from the ground up, with new features, improved functionality and unlimited storage capacity. There isn't enough space in this section to go into every detail that sets Clover Sites apart from its predecessor but we do write about this in more detail in our article about what's new with Clover Sites

I’m a current customer - will I lose my current website if I get this?

Nope! While things are pretty easy and you could finish your site the same day you purchase, we know you’re probably going to want to take some time to play with all the new features and really have fun creating your new site and making it just perfect. So, we’ll make sure your current site stays live while you create your new one. You can even use the Transition Mode we've created to copy content from your current website to use on your new one. Once your new website is finished, the URL to your current website will redirect to your new one but you'll still be able to access your current Dashboard and Greenhouse.

How much will transitioning cost?

If you’re a current Clover customer, we'll be giving you this brand new product for free. You just keep paying the $29/month for hosting and support (that you're already paying). Oh, and like we've always done - every time we roll out a new feature to our platform, you'll receive it automatically for free.

If I transition, what's going to happen to my old site?

After you launch, the URL for your previous site will redirect to your new Clover Sites website. Your Classic website will still be accessible with a new URL and you can still access your old Dashboard and Greenhouse.

Can I still access my old Dashboard?

Yes you can, but keep in mind that when you launch your new website, the link to your old Dashboard (and Greenhouse) may change. To access your Classic Dashboard, go to your Clover Sites 3 Dashboard and select "More" on the far right and then click "Classic Dashboard" to access your old site. 

What happens to my old photos and other content?

All of your old photos and other content will continue to exist in your Classic Greenhouse and on your old website, both of which you will still be able to access after launching your new website. You can use Transition Mode to copy any of this content at any time to be used on your new website. Check out our article on Transition Mode for more info. 

How do my old Media Player, Forms and Calendars work with Clover Sites?

You can migrate your Media Player by clicking here. We also have a new Events feature to help you keep your church connected. We also have a Forms tool to help you collect information for your church.
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