Transition Process
Transitioning from your current version of Clover Sites (now known as "Clover Sites Classic") to our newest version is simple. Below is an overview of what it means to transition between products, and insight into the steps you'll take.

What is Clover Sites 3? 

The first thing you need to understand is that Clover Sites 3 is not an upgrade from the current version of Clover Sites. It's a brand new product, built from the ground up, with innovative features, improved functionality and new site designs, created from scratch by our design team. Each of these site designs look completely unique, with diverse layouts and individual strengths to offer any ministry. Clover Sites 3 was designed in a totally different way than the previous version - with a more up-to-date approach and seamless compatibility with mobile devices. Check out our website to learn more about what makes Clover Sites 3 so special. If you need more information, you can also read our help article on what's new with CS3

Why should I transition to Clover Sites 3? 

Clover Sites 3 has a ton of brand new features and is optimized to look great on any device. Our design team has created stunning new site designs for you to choose from, each one completely unique with different strengths to offer your ministry while still giving you complete freedom to change and customize them anyway you want. Best of all, Clover Sites 3 allows you to use section-based editing to add an unlimited number of sections, featuring completely diverse content, on any page. These features, along with our custom color and font palettes, improved text and photo editors and the ability to add beautiful motion to your site, are just a few of the new ways that Clover Sites 3 can help you create a beautiful website for your ministry.

How does the transition process work? 

We've made the transition process from your current website to Clover Sites 3 straightforward and simple.

Click "Start Transition" button in your current Dashboard.

Return to current Dashboard and click the Start Transition button. Doing this will generate a transition code that you simply click to copy. Click Choose a Site Design and you'll be redirected to our website.

Choose a new site design and enter your Transition Code. 

Take some time to preview each of our new site designs before picking the one that you think will best represent your ministry. Once you've chosen your design, continue the purchase process as a current user and paste in the transition code from your Dashboard. Finish the purchase process and head to your new Dashboard. 

Set up and design your website. 

When you're finished with the purchase process, you can head to your new Dashboard and start setting up your website. You can invite users to help maintain your website or head to the Greenhouse and begin designing your new website (this is the fun part). At this time, if you want to transfer any of the content from your old website to your new Greenhouse, you can do so by entering the Transition Center. The Transition Center can be found in your previous Dashboard and accessed at any time. From the Transition Center, you'll be able to click to copy all of the text on any page of your current website to be easily pasted into your new Greenhouse. You can even transfer your entire photo album over to your new website with just a few simple clicks. You can learn more about the Transition Center by checking out our help article. Any past audio/video files on your Classic Site can be migrated by following these steps as well.

Launch your brand new site!

Once you're done designing and editing your website in the Greenhouse, you can click Launch Your Website in the top right corner of the page. This will direct you back to your Dashboard, where you will add your domain and follow the steps to go live for the world to see. You can return to the Greenhouse anytime to edit or maintain any aspect of your site. We walk through the launch process here if you have any questions. 

If you have questions during any stage of the transition, we've written a 
step-by-step guide to make the whole process as easy as possible. 

What happens to my old website and content? 

Your domain will continue to redirect to your current site until you choose to launch your new website. After that, your previous website, and all of its content, will still be accessible from a new url. This means that you will still have access to your site's content through your previous Dashboard while your new website is live. We strongly suggest moving all of your content over to the new website as our Classic Sites are built with Flash, and Flash is quickly become outdated. You can read more about Flash and the recent changes here.

How much is this new product going to cost me? 

Absolutely nothing! If you're a current Clover Sites Classic customer, you will be able to upgrade to Clover Sites 3 for free! You'll just continue to pay the $29/month you currently pay for hosting and support.

I might need a little more convincing...

We spent nearly three years building Clover Sites 3 from the ground up - taking the aspects we love from the current version and improving them while also adding a ton of brand new features. What we created was something both completely new yet refreshingly familiar. The text and photo editors from the previous version have been rebuilt to offer even more customization and automatically optimize your images to look great on high quality displays. The new Greenhouse gives you more freedom to match the look and feel of your ministry with section-based pages and unique features, but is still easy for anyone to use. Clover Sites 3 is natively responsive to look stunning on any device, including the latest smartphones and tablets. 

I still have questions! 

If you'd like a more in-depth look at how to transition your website over to Clover Sites 3 check out our step-by-step walkthrough. We'd also love to answer any other questions you may still have. If you reach out to our Customer Relations team during business hours, you'll be connected with someone who knows everything about Clover and wants to help your ministry, so please feel free to call us at 805-527-8900 or shoot over an email to anytime. 
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