Clover Sites vs. Clover Sites Classic
Some of you who are used to the previous version of Clover Sites (now called Clover Sites Classic) may be wondering what the differences are between the new Clover Sites and the Classic version before you transition over. This article should help highlight some of the ways these two products are similar while also covering the major differences. 

How are Clover Sites and Classic the Same?

First, let's take a look at some of the awesome features and functionalities you can use with either of our products.

Easy to Use Site Editing

Both Clover Sites and Clover Sites Classic use a version of our custom Greenhouse to make creating a website really simple, so you don't have to be a web designer to create something beautiful. Although the versions are different in a number of ways they both allow you to add and edit your own text, images, add and remove pages and much more.  

Calendar, Forms, Media Player 

You can add custom calendars, forms and media players to Clover Sites or Classic websites, although the process is different for both. Clover Sites Classic comes with pages you can create specifically for these three items. With Clover Sites, you can add a section to any page (Events section, Media section, Forms section, etc). 

No-Cost Updates and Features 

Once you've purchased a website from Clover, every update and new feature we add to your product is completely free, whether you're using Clover Sites or Clover Sites Classic. 

Unlimited Storage Space

Both of our products offer unlimited storage, so you don't have to worry about running out of space when adding images and other content to your website. 

Unlimited Tech Support 

We don't make you pay a thing for tech support for any of our products. Our customer relations team is here to help you with anything you need, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST, completely free of charge. 

What Sets Clover Sites and Classic Apart? 

HTML Editing 

Clover Sites allows you to edit the HTML on your site, to give you a little more control over your content. You can learn more about this feature in our Embed Code/Edit HTML article. 

Section Based Editing 

The newest version of Clover Sites uses section based editing, which allows you to add an unlimited number of sections to any page on your site. There are different types of section you can add, each with their own unique purpose and numerous layouts to choose from.  

Unlimited Pages 

Don't ever worry about running out of room - you can add an unlimited number of pages, each with an unlimited number of sections, to your Clover Sites website. 

Fully Responsive 

Every website made with Clover Sites is optimized for mobile devices, including the latest smartphones and tablets, so your content can look great no matter where it's being viewed. We've even included special features specifically for mobile browsing, including mobile navigation menus and the ability to differentiate your gallery sections depending on how it's being viewed. 

Multiple Users 

From your Clover Sites Dashboard, you can invite other members of your team to help edit, design and maintain your website. The account owner can invite new users to help, customize the amount of permissions they have and even choose someone else to take over as account owner. Learn more by reading our managing users article

More Customization

Clover Sites offers many more ways to create a custom site that matches the feel of your ministry than the previous version, including: 
  • Color and Font Control - Clover Sites also gives you complete control over the colors and fonts on your website, allowing you to change the look and feel of your page with a single click. We've even created a special algorithm so your colors match and interact beautifully and your text is always presented clearly. 
  •  New Sections - Clover Sites introduces two new types of sections that anyone can use on their website: Gallery and List/Grid Sections. These new sections allow you to create professional-looking slideshows, lists or grids (perfect for staff or ministry pages) and provide you with a place to display big announcements or dynamic images. 
  • Parallax Scrolling - This new feature adds beautiful motion to your site when scrolling and works on all devices. 
  • Background Images - With Clover Sites, you can add background images to any section. You can even place animated .GIFs as a background image, to add an extra layer of animation and motion to your site. 
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