Creating A Form

The Form feature allows you to create forms for your site! This is a great way to have users sign up for events, submit prayer requests, or contact you with any information that you request. If you have already created your form, this article will help walk you through how to add a form page or section to your site.

Creating a Form On Your Site

Step 1 - From your Greenhouse Dashboard, click on the Forms icon located under your site’s name. If you are not able to select the Forms icon, you will need to contact your Account Owner so they can give you Forms permission

Step 2 -  Click Create A New Form in the bottom left corner

Step 3 - You can select from the templates available on the right, or if you’d like to start from scratch, you will type the name of the form under Form Name and then click Build Form.

Step 4 - You can begin to click on or drag items from the right column to add them to your form. In this example, we will create a Contact Info/Sign Up form. You will click on the items located under Contact Info Fields located in the bottom right. *Note: After you click on each item, the field’s properties will appear. For this example you can close out of the pop up so we can go over it together.

Step 5 -  Now that your fields have been added, you can click on the gear in the field that you would like to start editing. Let’s start with the form description. Click the gear to the right of your form name.

Step 6 - In the Form Description box, you can enter the description of your form. Once you have updated the description click the X in the top right.

For step-by-step explanations of each item within the Form Properties, this article will walk you through it.

Step 7 - Next, we are going to edit the Name field. Click the gear icon to the right of the name field. This will break down into 3 tabs. 1. General Info  2. Validation 3. Conditions. Once you have updated the name of the field (Most people leave it with “Name”) You can enter help text to explain what needs to be entered in the field. Once you are done, click the X in the top right of the pop-up window. In this case, we are just going to work within General Info.

For a complete breakdown of the Field Properties, go to this article for the walk-through.

Step 8 - You will continue clicking on each gear to edit the fields that you would like to alter. You may see some Field Properties that have a Place Holder section. Whatever you type in this box will appear within the box on the form as an example to your user.

Here is what the Placeholder looks like within your field:

Step 9 - To preview your form, you can click Preview Form in the bottom left corner. This will allow you to see what your users will see on your form. If you like what you see, click Save. If not, you can click Go Back to continue editing your form.

Keep in mind: The form builder provides a variety of options and is very straight forward.   As you build forms in the Greenhouse, the finished product will look different on your website. This is because your form will fit the style of your website, while the Greenhouse shows the fields and structure of the form as you build it. 
With that in mind, we recommend previewing the form on your site before publishing it so you know what it will look like to your website visitors before you apply your changes.

When Saving your form, you will have the option to Publish the form to your site or Save Only. Save Only is to save the form behind the scenes while your site remains unaltered.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your form! Now you can add your form to a page!

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