Form Properties
Within Form Properties, you will find multiple tabs to choose from. Below, we will break down what each tab has to offer.


General Info

The General Info tab provides you options for:

Form Name - Lets you set the name of your form

Header Image URL - Places an image at the top of your form (We recommend the header image size be 800 x 100 pixels and under 300kb)

Form Description - Describes the form to your users

Field Validation Form - Shows your users which fields are required for submission

Time Zone - Sets the time zone for the form

Tags - Adding tags to the form makes it easer for you to search for the form by its tags in the Form Builder

Categories - Allows you to find specific forms by their categories


* Submit Button Text - Change the text that is on the submission button.
* Maximum Number of Submissions - If you'd like to receive unlimited submissions, leave 0 in the field. If you'd like to set a limit on the number of form submissions, enter the number of submissions (this is especially convenient if you have a limited capacity event). If the form submission limit is reached, the form will no longer appear on your website and will display the message below.

Settings to control what happens after a user submits a form
* Message to user 
* Redirect URL - The address the users are taken to after submitting the form

Form Notifications

You can enable notifications when a form is submitted. The email notification will contain all the information that was completed on the form.

Step 1 - On the editing page of your form, select Form Properties in the bottom left corner.

Step 2 - Click the Email tab. 

Step 3 - In the To field, enter the email or email addresses you wish to have notifications sent to. If you want to enter multiple email addresses, you will need separate each email with a comma with no extra spaces (ex:, … )

Step 4 - In the From field, enter an email you want the notifications to come from. This will only be seen by whoever receives the Form Notification emails, so it's not a big deal. You can enter the same email for this field if you'd like. 

Step 5 - In the Subject field, enter a subject for the email notification.

Step 6 - In the message of the body, click on each placeholder you wish to have within the email. This will automatically pull the information entered in the form into the email.

Keep in mind: If you change the field name on the form (example: changing Person's Name field to Name), you will need to re-do the email notification as it changes the Placeholder name. 

Step 7 - Click X in the top right corner and then "Save" in the bottom right corner and select "Save & Publish" to save your changes. 

Send Confirmation Email to User

If you'd like the user who completed your form to receive an email, you can follow the steps below. This is especially handy when you need to send confirmation information to the user for an event or just when you need to email the user to say someone will be contacting them shortly!

Step 1 - In Form Properties under the Email tab, click Add Email in the lower left corner. 

Step 2 - Click within your message and click the Email placeholder (your placeholder name may be different depending on what you named the field).

Step 3 - Copy the email placeholder (now in your message) and paste it in the To field instead.

Step 4 - Enter an email for the From field (usually the general church email or an email of a church leader).

Step 5 - Enter your message and personalize the email. 

Step 6 - Click X in the top right corner and then "Save" in the bottom right corner and select "Save & Publish" to save your changes. 

Payment Options 

Soon you will be able to use your Clover Give account to accept payments on your form! Stay tuned!

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