How to Change the Form Font

The font style and size that appears on your forms are pulled from the overall fonts you have chosen for your site. You can learn more about Editing Fonts in your Greenhouse here, but in this article we are going to show you what fonts to edit or modify if you want to change the font look on your form. Keep in mind: changing the font styles will effect other areas of your website.

Step 1 - In Advanced Mode, click Edit Fonts.

Step 2 - Select Choose Custom Fonts in the top right corner. 

Step 3 - Select which font option you wish to change and make the appropriate edits. You can change the font style, the font size, and more (see image below). If you make a change to a font category, your page should show you what the font change will look like before saving. 

The Titles font will update the title of the form, as well as field property name (in the example below it would effect the title Annual Potluck 2017 and field property Person's Name). 

The Main Body text font will effect the entire font for the form.

The Buttons font will change the field options (in the example below First Name, Last Name, Email, & Phone Number). 

Keep in mind: The form builder provides a variety of options and is very straight forward.   As you build forms in the Greenhouse, the finished product will look different on your website. This is because your form will fit the style of your website, while the Greenhouse shows the fields and structure of the form as you build it. 
With that in mind, we recommend previewing the form on your site before publishing it so you know what it will look like to your website visitors before you apply your changes.

How to Change the Form Colors

The Form text colors are based on the colors you have chosen for your site within Edit Colors. To chnage these colors, you have two options:

Option 1: The easiest way to change the color of your form and form text is by changing the color settings for the Form Section. To change these colors, you can follow these steps.

Option 2: The only other way to change the colors of the form is to change your overall site colors. Keep in mind: changing these colors will effect other areas of your website. To change the site colors, you can follow these steps.

If you decide to change your site colors, Color #6 on the Color Wheel will change the color of the font and lines of the Form. Color #6 also changes the link colors for your entire site.
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