• Transition Process

    Transitioning from your current version of Clover Sites (now known as "Clover Sites Classic") to our newest version is simple. Below is an overview of what it means to transition between products, and insight into the steps y...

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  • Step By Step Transition Overview

    Transitioning from Classic to the newest version of Clover Sites is straightforward. We've even built tools to make migrating content, such as photos, media, and text, to your new website really simple. Transitioning from ...

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  • Moving From Classic To Clover Sites 3

    We want to make moving from your Classic Site to Clover Sites 3 as easy as possible. Follow the steps below and you'll be good shape! 1. Get Started: If you haven't already, you'll need to create a Clover Sites 3 account. ...

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  • Transition Mode

    In Transition Mode, current Clover users can copy the text from their Classic website and transfer it over to their new site with just a few simple clicks. Accessing Transition Mode Transition Mode can be accessed from you...

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  • Migrating Classic Media Player to Clover Sites 3

    All of the media from your Classic website will remain there after you transition to Clover Sites (even if you've copied this content for your new website). This tool will only work if you have a podcast setup on your Cla...

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  • Migrating Classic Photos to Clover Sites 3

    All of the photos from your Classic website will remain there after you transition to Clover Sites (even if you've copied this content for your new website). Step 1 - From your new Greenhouse, click on any photo section to...

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  • Transition FAQ

    Check out our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions we've gotten on the transition process from Classic to Clover Sites. How is Clover Sites different than Clover Sites Classic? Clover Sites isn't an upg...

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  • What's New with CS3?

    Clover Sites is not an upgrade from Clover Sites Classic - it’s a completely unique product, built from the ground up, with brand new features and layouts. Transitioning from Classic doesn't copy your website over, exactly th...

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  • Clover Sites vs. Clover Sites Classic

    Some of you who are used to the previous version of Clover Sites (now called Clover Sites Classic) may be wondering what the differences are between the new Clover Sites and the Classic version before you transition over. Thi...

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