• Clearing Cookies and Cache

    Clearing your cookies and cache can help solve a lot of issues with your browser. Your browser stores cookies and cached versions of websites to help speed up your web browsing and make your internet experience better. Someti...

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  • User Accounts - New for Clover Sites

    If you're transitioning from a current Clover website to the newest version of Clover Sites, it's important to note that you won't use the shared password for your previous Greenhouse when purchasing your new site. You'll wan...

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  • Who is Hosting My Domain Name?

    Because your domain isn't hosted by Clover it's important to know who hosts your domain. You can easily find this information by visiting whois.com/whois, typing in your domain name and clicking Search. If you need help goin...

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  • How Much Storage Does My Site Have?

    We don't want you to worry about running out of space and not being able to upload your important files. That's why we're excited to offer you unlimited storage!

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  • How Do I Add Social Link Buttons?

    You can easily add Social Links to your website. You can add these icons to your site and even choose the icon and order to really customize this. To get started, head over to the Social Links article.

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  • How Many Pages and Sections Can I Have?

    You can have an unlimited amount of pages and sections! Although we would recommend that you make your content as concise as possible.

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  • What If I Forgot My Password?

    If you lost or forgot your password, you can follow the steps below to reset your password. Keep in mind: you'll want to make sure you're fully logged out of your Greenhouse to reset the password. Step 1 - Go to the Sign In...

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  • How Can I Find My Greenhouse Link?

    You can find the link to your Greenhouse in the email titled "Welcome to Clover! Here are your next steps..." that was sent when you purchased your site. Once you have the link you can log in and begin to edit your site! If...

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  • Linking with your Donation Button

    If you're having any problems adding a link to your donation forms in a donation section on your site, make sure the link your trying to add is written correctly and is a valid. Trying to paste an embed code or other text in ...

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  • Upgrading to Clover Sites 3

    After three years of building, we're proud to share with you our most powerful website-editing tool: Clover Sites 3. Now you have even more freedom to create a beautiful website for your ministry, using many of the familiar c...

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