How To Create a Clover Sites 3 Account When Transitioning From Classic
Transitioning from Classic to the newest version of Clover Sites is straightforward. We've even built tools to make migrating content, such as photos, media, and text, to your new website really simple.  

Transitioning from Clover Sites Classic

Step 1 - From your current site's dashboard you can learn more about Clover Sites 3 and begin the transition process

Step 2 - Click the Start Transition button, copy the code and click Choose a Site Design

Step 3 - This is the fun part: choosing a site design. Take your time and preview each site design. *Note: Don't sweat this process too much. You're never stuck with a design once you choose it. You can always change designs later if you need to.

Step 4 - Once you've selected a design, check out as a current customer and paste your Transition Code into the provided space. *Note: After you click Continue, you will be instructed to set up a new Clover Sites 3 account. 

Step 5 - Once you’ve completed your purchase, log into your new Dashboard and start setting up your site

Step 6 (Optional) - In your old dashboard, you can use Transition Mode you can copy over your text from your current site

Step 7 - In the Greenhouse, click the Continue Site Setup button when you're ready to go live


Keep in mind:

  • Clicking Continue Site Setup won't make your website automatically go live but does begin the launch process. You will also need to update the DNS settings with your domain provider in order to go live with the new website. You can learn more about launching your website here.



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