Adding & Removing Background Images/Videos

Placing images and videos in the background of your sections can add an extra layer of design to your site.

Adding Background Images/Videos


 Step 1 - In Advanced Mode, click on the section you'd like to add a background image to 


Step 2 - Click on the settings gear in that section


Step 3 - Select the background tab, then add your photo/video by either dragging one in from your desktop or choosing one from your files 


Step 4 - Once your file uploads click Save 


Step 5 -
 Once you’ve added your media, be sure to preview your site to make sure it looks great


For some creative ways you can use background images across your website, check out our article on Background Photo Effects or if you want to learn more about the effects you can add to your background photos read our article on Background Blending Modes.

Keep in Mind: Since a Text Section changes size depending on how much text you enter into the section, we do not have a set size for Background Images. Any photo you upload to the section should work! We recommend using a larger size photo if possible.

We suggest keeping your videos under 25MB or less to prevent your users from a slow loading experience on your site.

Videos are saved at a 1 minute length maximum, and they will continually loop for your visitors.Removing Background Images/Videos

Step 1 - In Advanced Mode, click on the section you'd like to remove the background image from

Step 2 - Click on the settings gear in that section

Step 3 - Select the background tab (3rd tab down on the left side)

Step 4 - Click the red X in the top right hand corner of your photo and click Save