Integrating Your Church Management Events Into Your Site

This feature is an integration with our friends at To learn more about how you can make your CloverSites website an even more robust online community platform with Elexio, please visit this page. ​

Step 1- From your Greenhouse Dashboard, click the Integration button.


Step 2 - Click the Setup/Gear icon located under Church Management.


Step 3 -. Enter your ChMS Domain Name, Username, Password, and then click the Connect button.


Step 4 - Under Available Views, you will select the Calendar View that you would like to import into your Clover Site and click the Preview Events button. Note, if you don't have a Calendar View set up on your ChMS end, you need to login to that account to set it up with a Calendar View.



Step 5 -Once you see your Sampled Events, click the Import Events button below.


Congratulations, you have successfully imported your ChMS events into your Clover site!