Live Stream Options

You can certainly integrate live streaming into your Clover Site! You'll need to use a third party resource that provides you with an iFrame (embed code) or URL.

Follow these steps to add live streaming to your site using an iframe:

Step 1 - Log in to your preferred live streaming website and find the video you want to embed

Step 2 - Find and copy the embed code for the video. The embed code should look something like the string of text below:



Step 3 - Simply paste the embed code into any text area on in your Greenhouse where you want the video to be displayed. 


Step 4 - You can remove the content at any time by clicking the red X

Step 5 - Preview your website to see how the livestream will appear to your viewers


Keep in Mind: 

  • Each website will have the embed code in a different location. If you're having trouble locating it, you can typically find it under Share options. 

If you're interested in adding live streaming to your site, we recommend