Managing Users

From your Dashboard, you can add users to help edit and maintain your website. You can invite as many users as you'd like and customize the amount of permissions they have for customizing, publishing and more. 

Adding New Users

Step 1 - From your Greenhouse Dashboard, simply click the Users tab. If you don't see the Users tab, click Your Products and then Edit Contact Info (under Quick Links) - you should then be able to see and click on the Users tab.


Step 2 - Under Manage Users click Add User.


Step 3 - Type in user's email address and click Send Invite.


Step 4 - With each user, either choose to give all permissions or click each box to customize permissions.



Step 5 - Click Save when finished.

Keep in Mind:

  • If the user does not see the email within a few minutes, be sure to have them check their spam/junk folders to make sure it's not in there.​
  • The user will immediately receive an email with the invitation. They will simply click the link in the email to accept the invite and set up an account.

Editing User Accounts

Account Owner

If you're logged into the current account for the Account Owner, you can choose to make another user the Account Owner instead. Simply click the user's name then click Make Account Owner. 


Edit Permissions

To edit individual permissions click the User, then check or uncheck boxes to customize permissions and then click Save.


Deleting a User

To delete a user, click the user's name then click Delete User. 

Resending Invitation Email

If a user has not set up an account you can resend their email by clicking their email address, then Resend Invitation. You can also revoke an invitation by clicking the button next to their name. If the user hasn't received the invite in their inbox, they may need to check their spam/junk folders as well.